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Channels of Love is a Charitable Organization working for the upliftment of destitute kids in Northern Karnataka. From its establishment in 1978 up to 2011 more than 4000 kids have been educated and nurtured and have gone on to become successful citizens of today.


North Karnataka is one of the most economically and socially underdeveloped regions in India on par with states like Rajasthan and Bihar. Over 10 million people in north Karnataka live on less than $0.26 a day. Over 110,000 children in the age group of 7-14 who are out of school and working either in fields or as daily wage labourers.


We at Channels of Love have made it our mission to provide a safe and loving atmosphere where kids learn to overcome their insecurities and fears and learn to use the tools available to them to grow and develop into happy and fulfilled individuals.  Our home for kids at present houses over 55 children most of whom come from abusive and deprived backgrounds.  The disciplined environment at our children’s home helps kids to learn to schedule their time so they can do their homework, do garden chores, and help around the home.  The kids learn to care for pets and grow plants and flowers, which helps bring in healing from their broken pasts.


When the kids come to us, at first they are usually frightened and extremely dirty with all the signs of years of poor nutrition and stunted growth. 


The greatest reward we have for our labour is seeing them transformed in just a few months’ time into courageous and confident kids who are ready to take on the world and have learnt to dream big for themselves.


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