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VA  Joseph and his wife Rosy Joseph grew up in Hubli, North Karnataka in very impoverished circumstances.  They always had a vision to uplift the condition of people in this very backward region.  There were no proper schools for poor kids and no means of transport.  They had to travel huge distances daily in order to access to education, many times through jungles where wild animals and snakes preyed on them.


Families had no way to provide even two daily meals for their kids and many infants died of starvation. People had to travel for miles in order to reach a doctor and clinic in order to have their ailments treated. This burden and compassion for the condition of the people led them to start an orphanage for destitute and underprivileged children in 1978 in Hubli which later was shifted 45 km away to Mundgod in Uttar Kannada district.


In 1994, VA  Joseph and Rosy Joseph passed away in a tragic accident and their son Leslie Joseph and his wife Ashley carried on the ministry.


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