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Providing and working towards

• Empowerment through education.

• Nurturing atmosphere for the holistic development of a child.

• Freedom from fear of abuse and starvation.

• Fostering a spirit of excellence.

• Imparting not only a vision for success but also greatness in serving society.

• To prepare next generation leaders of strategic influence.


Channels of Love touches the lives of those in need, and works tirelessly to make a positive difference in individual lives. As a non-profit charitable organisation, Channels of Love is devoted to affirming the dignity and worth that exists in every child.


Channels of Love is dedicated to exploring all avenues and possibilities that nurture the human spirit and advance the human condition, and work diligently to foster the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of every child in need.


With an emphasis on those who are impoverished, Channels of Love helps underprivileged children acquire the knowledge, skills and self-esteem necessary to survive, thrive and progress and become next generation leaders of strategic influence.


Committed to empowering those who need a helping hand, Channels of Love provides the means for securing a decent education and the essentials for self empowerment for those who otherwise would not have the chance to move forward and achieve their dreams.


Channels of Love makes it possible for impoverished children to access the tools they need to surmount the enemies of genuine advancement -- poverty, illiteracy, and the hopelessness and lack of vision this tends to foster.


Channels of Love is committed to providing education, safe drinking water, quality healthcare, sanitation, and nutritious meals creating opportunities for bright, underprivileged youngsters to attend school; making sure clothes, shoes and books are made available to children who have none.


Channels of Love is also about binding up the deep wounds of want by providing shelter for children who lack a roof over their heads and teaching them the skills necessary to support themselves and generate a decent income.


Channels of Love is all about advancing human welfare -- one child at a time. We truly believe that to save one life is to save the world.




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