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My name is Kaveri, I am 9 years old, I have three sisters younger to me….my mother works as a maid in houses doing menial jobs tirelessly. My father is a daily wage worker but most of his earnings are spent on alcohol and other vices…Many times when my father came home drunk me and my sisters have seen a lot of fighting at home and we were very scared…sometime when my father did not have money to buy alcohol, he used to take me to the bar and make me dance to the bollywood tunes…people forced me to drink so that I wouldn’t stop dancing. My father forced me to dance so that people would buy him a drink…My mother also was very helpless…she knew what was happening  with me…someone told us about Channels of Love home in Mundgod…..I thought this was like juvenile home… My mother enrolled me at Channels of Love home and I found everything so much different than what I had thought…There is so much of love, place to play, lots of pets, good food..etc .  Everyone here treats each other with kindness and respect…There is so much freedom …I don’t have to live in fear anymore…. I am enjoying my childhood… I want to study hard and  grow up to fight against such social evils which destroys families


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