Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive rehabilitative care for destitute children, specifically those vulnerable to human trafficking, in rural North Karnataka.

Children in abject poverty, from infancy to their teen years, are most at risk of death, illness and exploitation.

About 38.4% of the children aged under five in India are stunted or too short for their age. 21% of them are 'wasting' or notably underweight.

Out of the roughly 20 million accounted prostitutes in India, 16 million are girls and children who victims of trafficking. Some of this exploitation stems from financial desperation that forces families to sell their children for sustenance.

Northern Karnataka, the region in which COL operates, has a history of abject poverty. It also ranks as one of the nation's most notorious sex trafficking and child prostitution belts.

We strive to protect each child's right to a constructive and successful life. We do this primarily by providing medical care, emotional support and education for children rescued from high-risk environments.


Leslie Joseph Managing Trustee TCA Trust, 17 Vijayanagar Extn, Hubli. 580032
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